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10 Creative Bible Reading Methods

Ten Creative Bible Reading Methods

For New Christians or those new to the Bible. How to Choose a Bible Version that is understandable and easy to read. Where to start in the Bible. How to pick the right Books of the Bible to read and successfully finish. Use the S.O.A.P. plan of Action and Challenge Yourself. Find Out More Here

Bible Reading & Studying Methods

Bible reading & studying Methods

For developing and mature Christian. First of all, make up your mind that you will put some time every day into the study of the Word of God. Start with fifteen minutes or more a day. Do this through learning the tools and skills to help us observe the text, dig out the meaning, and then apply it to our lives. Check It Out

Chapter By Chapter Study MethodsChapter By Chapter Study Methods

This method of Bible study is not beyond any person who has fifteen minutes or more a day to put into Bible Study. The chapter method of Bible Study is to take a whole book and study the chapters in their order. The Gospel of John is a good book, to begin with. Start Here

Word of God Study Method

Word of God Study Method

Why should I study the Bible? The bible is no ordinary book. It is what no other book is - The Word of God. The Bible is a unique book and can be easily proven to any candid man/women. The Bible ought then to be studied as no other book is. It should be studied as the Word of God. Search Out More Here

Topical Bible Study Methods

Topical Bible Study Methods

The topical method of Bible study is the simplest, most fascinating and yields the most significant results. Especially if you mix it with other types of study methods. Take up the various subjects treated in the Bible, one by one, and go through the Bible and find what it has to say on these subjects. Explore Here

Five Steps of a Practical Bible Study

Five Steps of a Practical Bible Study

1 - Observation - What is being said? 2Interpretation - What is being meant? 3 Correlation - What else is explained? 4Application - What will I do about what is being said? 5 - Meditation - Involves a variety of activities like praise, prayer, scripture, and worship. Discover More Here

How to Study the Bible for Greatest Profit

How to Study the Bible For Greatest Profit

The hit-and-miss approach of Bible roulette provides little spiritual nourishment. The study of Scriptures sets our minds on the thing above. We must not only open God's Word - we must also be open to His Word to get the best results. Every believer asks the question of how to study the Bible for the greatest profit. Discover Here

Bible Study Methods

Bible Study Methods

Can ordinary people learn to study the Bible? People with Bibles don't always know how to use them. Proven Bible Study Methods that will enable you to explore the Bible on your own. They are given in the order of simplicity and use of reference tools, beginning with the easiest and the hardest at the end. Find Out More Here

How to Study the Bible for Yourself

How To Study The Bible For Yourself

Chapter 1 Introduction | Chapter 2 What is the Bible & Bible Study | Chapter 3 Methods & Choosing a Bible Translation | Chapter 4 Important Bible Study Tool | Chapter 5 Composition / Genre Writings and reading the Bible | Chapter 6 Common Errors. Discover More Here

Quick Overview of the Bible

Quick Overview of the Bible

Every Christian at some point wants to understand and read the Bible. The Bible is not just one big book, but a collection of 66 smaller books written over a period of at least 1600 years by about 40 different authors. Everything they wrote was inspired by God. See the Overview of the Bible. Start Here

A Complete Summary of the Bible

A Complete Summary of The Bible

Wouldn't you love to be able to grasp what the entire Bible contains in a short time? This summary of each of the 66 Bible Books includes summaries for the Old to the New Testament will allow you to do just that. Key points, notes and summary of the Old and New Testament from Genesis to Revelation. A Most Read

A Comprehensive Bible Study of the Bible

A Comprehensive Bible Study Of The Bible

Introduction |Definitions | Divisions of the Old & New Testament | Original Text | Pentateuch | Israel's History | The Prophetic & Poetical & Exile Books | The Gospels & Acts | The Epistles of Paul | The General Epistles | Revelation | Brief Review | Appendix and much more Explore Here

Six - Different Themes of the Bible Books

Six - Different Themes of the Bible books

#1 is easiest and #6 is more comprehensive and in-depth. 1. One Sentence Summary | 2. Two Sentences Summary | 3. Paragraph Summary 4. Overview of the Bible | 5. Summary of the Old & New Testament | 6. Comprehensive Bible Book Themes. Check It Out

Ten Free Bible Study Resource Tools

Seven Bible Reading Cheat Sheets

Is a concise set of notes used for quick reference.. Inductive Bible study is a valuable tool in understanding and applying the principles of God’s Word.The shorter version is good for a brief devotional. The more extensive reading cheat sheets are wonderful for digging deeper into the mind and heart of God. Here

Ten Free Bible Study Resource Tools

Ten Bible Study Resource Tools

To get the most out of your Bible study time, all you need is a plan and a few useful tools. We live in a remarkable time when we have free access not only to God's word but to a wealth of free Bible study tools. Use our free online Bible resource tools to grow more rooted in the Word. Here are the best tools. Here

All About The Bible

All About The Bible

There is one central message consistently carried by all 40 writers of the Bible. God, who created us all, desires a relationship with us. He calls us to know him and trust him. The Bible contains 1189 chapters: 929 in the Old Testament and 260 in the New Testament. Find Out More