How to have a successful Bible study

How to have a Successful Bible Study

Do you find it hard to study, to really study the scriptures? Where do you start? It starts with reading God's Word daily. These Bible Study Methods are excellent for all age from simpler reading methods, to more comprehensive methods to everything in between. It is a must to read for every believer. Find Out Here

Themes and Overview and all about the Bible

Themes & Overview & all About The bible

Four themes of all the books of the Bible. 1.One sentence 2. two sentences 3. paragraph themes and 4. Comprehensive Bible book themes. For those that want to get a quick view and understanding of all Books of the Bible. Highly recommend for a new believer or to review, for a mature Christian. Start Here

70 Bible Reading Plans

70 Bible Reading Plans

Let's be honest, you want to read the Bible, but it seems no matter how many times you've tried, you have struggled with successfully reading God's Word. One of these Bible reading plans is for you. Choose from 70 reading plans from 2 weeks to 2 years, to Bible book reading, Topical reading plans. Much Much More

Topical and Discipleship Resources

Topical & Discipleship Resources

What if I don't like myself when I compare myself to everyone else. If you are looking for a study on a particular topic of encouragement to find your confidence, your identity, security, purpose, and wisdom rooted in something more than positive thinking. Look no more; it is in the unending love of Jesus Christ. Here

Five Bible Study Guides

Five Bible Study Guides

What does it take to grow up and become spiritually mature? Why do some Christians not grow as they should? We have created a unique series of study guides for those new to the Bible to mature spiritual Christians sent daily by email for 21 days. Check It Out

Inspiring Christian Devotionals

Inspiring Devotionals For Everyone

Our free devotionals that encourage, motivate, uplift and inspire your life. The Bible reminds us that God has a plan for our lives. He has a unique timetable for each person, and for every event in our life. Be inspired daily with positive messages and inspirational thoughts. Discover More Here

Miscellaneous Christian Resources

Miscellaneous christian Resources

Discover More: Helpful Christian Resources, Why Go to Church, Testimony Page, Sermons, Q & A, Ebooks, Share Your Story, About Us, Life's Greatest Questions, Videos, Slideshows, Discipleship, etc. Also, a content page to send your Christian content articles to add to our website. And Much More

Inspiring Christian Ebooks

Inspiring Christian Ebooks

These free Christian Bible-based Ebooks will help you apply God's truths in key areas of your daily life. Ebooks on: Christian Living, Devotionals, Prayer, Bible Reference books, Sermons, Bible Dictionaries, Atlas, Commentaries, Translations, Books of the Bible, Topical subjects from A to Z. Explore More Here

Videos and Slideshows

Videos & Slideshows

Share and watch family safe videos online that are funny, inspirational on current topics, Bible study, and Christian living. Sometimes normal life wears us down so be encouraged and grow spiritual with inspirational videos and slideshows. Also, video's on the Old and New Testament and life of Jesus Christ. Check It Out

Biblical Stewardship and Finances

Biblical Stewardship & finances

A must read for everyone. 1. We look at dealing with financial hardships in our individual situations. 2. Money Budget categories and spreadsheets. 3. Budget Debt reduction and worksheets. 4 .Meeting Financial Needs in and through the Church. A Most Read

Library Reference Books

Library Reference Books

Free online reference ebooks for growing deeper in God's Word. With a great selection of five Bible Commentaries, ten Studies on Books of the Bible, four Bible Atlas, four Bible Dictionaries, sixteen Topical Subjects. Approach the Bible with study tools to best understand the context, meaning, and application. Discover More Here

Sermons and Messages

Sermons & Messages

A collection of powerful and beautiful sermons and inspiring Christian messages. Sermons like: "I am the Good Shepherd", "I am the Door", "I Am The Bread of Life". Messages like: "The Kingdom of Heaven is like", "Let not Your Heart be Troubled", and "I Go to Prepare a Place for You" and much more. See More Here

Reasons why to Go to Church?

Reasons Why To Go to Church?

Walking through the doors of a church can be a big step. Whether you haven't been to church in a while or you've never been to church before, learning a little about how to approach going to church and what to expect when you get there will help to make the experience go more smoothly. Check It Out Here

Power and Reality of Prayer

Power & Reality of Prayer

God has established prayer as the means by which we receive His supernatural help. We discuss the Salvation prayer (Sinner's prayer), methods of prayer, prayers of the Bible. Also E. M. Bounds 7 Books on Prayer: Necessity of prayer, Purpose of prayer, Power through prayer, Reality of prayer. Much More Here

Helpful Christian Resources

Helpful Christian Resources

Here you will find some helpful articles and website's to encourage and strengthen you to stay the course on building your relationship with God. Resources like read the Bible online, purchase a Bible, Bible translations, find a Church in your area, Study methods and how to know God personally. Start Here

Children and Family Resources

Children & Family Resources

Children's resources offer help for families to help encourage your child's educational and spiritual growth. With helps for children/teens: getting started, creative study and reading methods, Bible reading guides, 25 Bible Reading Plans for children and parents, choosing a suitable children's Bible. And Much More


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