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First Steps for a New Christian

First Step For new Christians

The decision to follow Jesus is just the beginning of our spiritual journey. It is not just a moment in time but the start of a change in our lives. We must learn how to understand what God desires, how to communicate with Him, and how to start living a life centered around our commitment to follow Him. Find Out More Here

Confidence in your Relationship with Jesus

Confidence in Your Relationship with Jesus

To accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior is the most critical decision you will ever make in your life. In reality, it is the beginning of a brand new life in Christ, and as a new-born child of God, there are many essential things you need to understand. Start Here

Relationship with God and the Bible

Relationship with God and the Bible

The Bible is God's Word, and as you read from it every day, it will cause you to grow spiritually (2 Timothy 2:15). As you study His written word (start with the Gospel of John), He will strengthen your faith, speak to your heart, and give you guidance and direction for every need and decision in your life. Check It Out

Relationship with God in Prayer

Relationship With God in Prayer

Prayer is vital to your spiritual growth. God is your Heavenly Father, and He wants to hear from you and have daily fellowship with you. Not only does He promise to answer your prayers, but as you pray He will also provide guidance and spiritual strength. The Bible tells us to "Pray continually." More Here

Relationship with God and the Holy Spirit

Relationship With God and the holy spirit

The Holy Spirit was born in your heart when you received Christ and now resides in you. But the Bible also says that the Holy Spirit can "baptize" you with a special power for service, to enable you to live a powerful Christian life and to be bold in your Christian witness and testimony. Explore More Here

Sharing the Gospel

Sharing the Gospel - Soul Winning

 Maybe you're afraid to share your faith because you don't know what to say.  You need to tell others about Christ. It is essential for you to openly declare Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord to others, as it establishes the testimony of your faith. Once you have accepted Jesus Christ, tell someone. Discover Here

Christian Fellowship & Your Local ChurchChristian Fellowship & Your Local Church

You should attend church regularly so that the preaching of God's Word can strenghten your faith, , and so you can grow spiritually and be encouraged by the fellowship of other Christians. Church is where you can go to express your love, faithfulness, and worship to GodStart Here

Miscellaneous Christian Topics

Miscellaneous Topics

Lord's Supper, Water Baptism, Biblical Stewardship and Bible memorizing.  You need to be baptized in Water -- At your first opportunity, you should obey the Lord's command to be baptized in water as a confession of your repentance and faith in Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:19). Find Out More

First Steps in a Relationship with God.

First Steps in A Relationship With God

Jesus stands alone as the most famous person who ever lived.  His life and teaching have profoundly impacted, more people than anyone else.  His appeal extends across race, culture, and national boundaries.  People have found in Him, what they could not find in anyone else. Explore More

A Starter Kit for New Christians

Starter Kit For New Christians

Many new believers—especially those with little or no church background—feel lost in church settings with all the Christian words being tossed around. They’re embarrassed to ask questions everyone else seems to know. This Starter Kit brings new Christians up to speed on Bible basics. Learn More

Free Bible Study Resources Tools

Ten Free Bible Study Resource Tools

To get the most out of your Bible study time, all you need is a plan and a few useful tools. We live in a remarkable time when we have free access not only to God's word but to a wealth of free Bible study tools. Use our free online Bible resource tools to grow more rooted in the Word. Here are the best tools. Here