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Method 8 - Book Background
Method Of Bible Study

8.1 - Tools

8.1.1 - Bible dictionary and/or Bible encyclopedia

8.1.2 - Bible handbook

8.1.3 - Bible atlas

8.1.4 - Various tools that allow you to experience in your time the environment of the Biblical cultures.

Online Bible Resource Study Tools

8.2 - Steps

Step 1 - Choose the subject or book of the Bible.

Step 2 - List your reference tools so that at the end of the study you can see which were of the greatest help in your study.

Step 3 - Discover what you are able of the following:

a. Who is the writer of the book?

b. What is the date of the book?

c. Where was the book written?

d. For whom was the book written?

e. Why was the book written?

f. How does the book fit into the Bible overall?

g. In addition, what light can be shed on the study when the book is evaluated in the following contexts:

Geographical setting?

Historical events, prior, occurring, or expected?

Culture of the day?

Political situation?

Anticipation of coming events or personage(s)?

Step 4 - Summarize your research.

Step 5 - Write out your personal application.

Step 6 - Assess your application in the weeks that follow for success or failure.

Chart for the Book Background Method of Bible Study

1. Subject:

2a. Reference Works Used:

2b. Usefulness:

3. Context / Background Information:

4. Insights:

5. Application / Evaluation:


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