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The Invitation!Video 1. The Invitation

Invitation into Love

Do you desire to hear from God? 
Are you passionate about wanting His will in your life? 1:28 minutes long here.

Names of JesusVideo 2. Names of Jesus

the Names of Jesus

This video pays tribute to many of the names that have been given to Jesus our Savior 3 minutes here.

Believe in GodVideo 3. Believe in God

God's Love

Can you imagine what the world would become if we lived like this? 3:05 minutes here.

Change Your LifeVideo 5. Change Your Life

Matthew 22:39

Excellent Video that will change your life. I have no words left. 4:35 minutes here.

Crucification - The Sacrifice Video 7. Crucifixion

The Sacrifice

Video on the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ 5:29 minutes here.

100 Reasons to go to ChurchVideo 8. Gospel Message

The Good News

Gospel Message summarized in 11 minutes. A must message to listen to here.

Knowing God PersonallySlideshow #1

Knowing God Personally

What does it take to Know God. How can you personally begin or have a relationship God, right now here



Check back often, more coming soon.



Check back often, more coming soon.

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