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The Wonder of God's Plan

The Wonder of God's PlanGod desires a relationship with you.
Do you once in a while ponder of whether things are ideal in the world. In watching all the evil and suffering around us, do you some of the time wonder as to whether there is some kind of problem with the human condition?

Belief in higher powers and Christianity
Rather than secularism, polytheism, and deism, belief in a higher power holds that an individual God exists. He made the universe and is not some portion of it, but rather is dynamic in it. Christian belief in higher powers includes a key segment of faith in the person of Jesus Christ. The focal message of Christianity is in one sense straightforward. It is the story of a world turned out badly and set right by God. Touching numerous topics including human nature, the existence of God, suffering, redemption and much more.

Our Situation

Christianity  outlines God's plan for His world.. It is the story of creation, fall, redemption, and restoration. Creation refers to God as Creator. He made the universe and all that is in it. The main expressions of the Bible resound this reality: "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth" (Genesis 1:1, NIV).

Initially, all that God made was great, including human beings. Our relationship with God worked as He planned it to work in harmony. In any case, after the fall out with Adam and Eve in Genesis 3, a few things turned out badly, breaking our relationship with God and bringing about a triple strife amongst us and God, between each other and internal struggles.

Our essential issue, then, is division from God. This detachment and what it has done to our tendency outcomes in the other two issues – our relationships with others and our inward battles.

In any case, there's something else entirely to the circumstance. In addition to the fact that we are isolated from God, bringing about strife with others and inside ourselves, in a huge sense, our exceptional nature is contaminated, making us carry on in ways that conflict with God's standards of holiness. This does not imply that all that we do is loaded with evil and depravity, but that our nature is now corrupted and a fallen and broken shadow of what it once was. One might say, it is just as we were intended to be kings and queens, yet are currently ousted sovereignty, kicked out of our true kingdom.

No VacancyDespite everything, we bear a few characteristics of our previous selves including holding a portion of the wonderfulness God made us with, creative ability, imagination, insight and then some. Be that as it may, something noteworthy is missing. “A vacancy is in everybody.”  Augustine stated, "our hearts discover no peace until they rest in God." This conveys us to God's answer for our predicament.

God's Solution

What is the solution to our problems? Christianity argues that it is personal transformation. To use more specialized phrasing, we need redemption and regeneration that can happen just through conversion through a relationship with Christ based on an understanding of what He has accomplished for us. In any case, what does this mean?

Redemption has to do with restoring our relationship with God, not by our efforts, but rather by our confidence in what Christ has accomplished for us. Regeneration is the new birth Christians encounter as a result of repentance – turning away  from wrong conduct over our lives and instead of turning to Christ in sincere humility. Conversion encompasses repentance, resulting in our new birth and the restoration of our relationship with God.

Our "relationship with Christ" is a key in that it is relational and personal, yet it has a basis in the truth of what Christ has accomplished for us by means of His death and resurrection.

The Wonder of God's Plan
The wonder of God's plan for you is that He has reached out to us in love, offering everyone an opportunity  to personally respond through Christ. He offers His unmerited favor, or grace if we will only accept it. We can't acquire it ourselves or discover some provision that will permit us to restore our relationship with God all alone or through different means. The only way is through the cross of Christ (John 14:6).

The Story of the World Turned upside downDifferent worldviews neglect to adequately address our essential issue – our broken relationship with God – and the solution. Atheism denies God's existence, abandoning us with an at last meaningless existence without good standards.

Pantheism denies the reality of good and evil, contending that we are truly god and all we really need is illumination. Deism leaves us with the despair of atheism in that God should be dead or nonexistent because he is not included personally in his creation. None of these worldviews solve our essential problems and needs. Christianity, on the other hand, offers an diagnosis and a remedy for our condition.

As you can see, the message of Christianity is in one sense simple –
the straightforward story of a world turned out badly and set right by God.
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