Prayers Of The Bible



Prayers Of The Bible

This is the Table of Contents of Herbert Lockyer’s “All The Prayers Of The Bible.”

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Prayers in the Old Testament

Prayer History Begins ..Gen. 4:26
Prayer and Spiritual Progress ..Gen. 5:21-24
Prayer and the Altar .. Genesis 12, 13
Prayer for an Heir..Gen. 15
Prayer ..the Language of a Cry ..Gen. 16
Prayer and Revelation ..Gen. 17
Prayer for a Wicked City ..Gen. 18, 19
Prayer after a LaPsalme ..Gen. 20
Prayer of Obedience ...Gen. 22
Prayer for a Bride..Gen. 24
Prayer for a Barren Wife..Gen. 25:19-23
Prayer Changes Things..Gen. 26
Prayer As a Vow...Gen. 28
Prayer about a Wronged Brother ...Gen. 32
Prayer—The Motion of a Hidden Fire ..Gen. 39-41; 45:5-8; 50:20, 24
Prayer for Blessing upon the Tribes ..Gen. 48, 49

Prayer Expressed As a Groan...Exod. 1, 2
Prayer As a Dialogue ..Exod. 3, 4
Prayer As Complaint .......Exod. 5-7
Prayer in League with Omnipotence .....Exod. 8-10
Prayer As Praise...Exod. 15
Prayer in Peril ...Exod. 17
Prayer of the Needy ...Exod. 22:22-24
Prayer for Delay of Deserved Judgment ...Exod. 32
First Prayer of Moses for Israel...Exod. 32:9-14
Second Prayer of Moses...Exod. 32:30-34
Third Prayer of Moses...Exod. 33:12-23
Prayer and Transfiguration...Exodus 34


Prayer As Benediction ....Num. 6:24-27
Prayer for Preservation and Protection..Num. 10:35, 36
Prayer for the Removal of Judgment.....Num. 11:1, 2
Prayer of a Discouraged Heart...Num. 11:10-35
Prayer of a Meek Man ...Num. 12
Prayer for the Upholding of Divine Honor..Num. 14
Prayer for Divine Action against Rebellion..Num. 16
Prayer for Relief from Death ...Num. 21
Prayer and Prophecy ..Num. 23, 24
Prayer for a New Leader..Num. 27

Prayer for a Privileged Task ...Deut. 3:23-29
Prayer to One Who Is Nigh ...Deut. 4:7
Prayer for the Stay of Judgment.. Deut. 9:20, 26-29
Prayer as a Blessing..Deut. 21:6-9
Prayer as Thanksgiving ...Deut. 26
Prayer as a Song ..Deut. 32,33

Prayer as a Challenge..Josh. 5:13-15
Prayer God Does Not Answer.Josh. 7
Prayer Neglected with Dire Results ..Josh. 9:14
Prayer That Produced a Miracle ..Josh. 10

Prayer for Direction ..Judg. 1
Prayer in Time of War ...Judg. 4, 5
Prayer for Signs ..Judg. 6
Prayer in Calamity ..Judg. 10:10-16
Prayer As a Bargain ..Judg. 11:30-40
Prayer for an Unborn Child ..Judg. 13
Prayer in the Face of Death ..Judg. 16:28-31
Prayer Directly Answered ..Judg. 20:23-28
Prayer for a Lost Tribe ...Judg. 21:2-3


I Samuel
Prayer without Words...I Sam. 1
Prayer, Prophetic in Outlook ...I Sam. 2:1-10
Prayer in the Sanctuary ...I Sam. 3
Prayer for National Trouble ...I Sam. 7
Prayer for a King ...I Sam. 8
Prayer As Vindication ...I Sam. 12
Prayer of a Distressed King ...I Sam. 14
Prayer of a Grieved Heart ....I Sam. 15:11
Prayer As a Still Small Voice ..I Sam. 16:1-12
Prayer As the Secret of Courage ...I Sam. 17
Prayer As Enquiry ...I Sam. 23 Prayer for Deaf Ears ...I Sam. 28:7
Prayer for Restoration of War-Spoil ...I Sam. 30

II Samuel
Prayer As to Possession..II Sam. 2:1
Prayer for Victory Signs...II Sam. 5:19-25
Prayer for Blessing upon House and Kingdom ..II Sam. 7:18-29
Prayer for a Sick Child ..II Sam. 12
Prayer As Pretense ...II Sam. 5:7-9
Prayer for Understanding of Affliction ..II Sam. 21:1-12
Prayer As a Psalmalm ..II Sam. 22
Prayer As a Confession of Pride ..II Sam. 24:10-17

I Kings
Prayer for a Wise Heart ...I Kings 3
Prayer of Dedication ..I Kings 8:12-61
Prayer for a Withered Hand ..I Kings 13:6
Prayer for Closed Skies ...I Kings 17
Prayer for Resurrection of Dead Son ...I Kings 17:20-24
Prayer for Divine Honor....I Kings 18:16-41
Prayer and Perseverance ..I Kings 18:45
Prayer for Death ...I Kings 19

II Kings
Prayer for a Dead Child ..II Kings 4:32-37
Prayer for Vision ..II Kings 6:13-17
Prayer for Deliverance from Defiant Foes ..II Kings 19
Prayer for Longer Life ..II Kings 20:1-11

I Chronicles
Prayer for Spiritual Prosperity ..I Chron. 4:9, 10
Prayer As Trust ....I Chron. 5:20
Prayer of Fear ..I Chron. 13:12
Prayer for Establishment of Covenant ...I Chron. 17:16-27
Prayer Answered by Fire ...I Chron. 21
Prayer as a Sentinel ...I Chron. 23:30
Prayer and Giving ...I Chron. 29:10-19

II Chronicles
Prayer in National Danger..II Chron. 14:11
Prayer and Reform...II Chron. 15
Prayer and Appeal to History .. II Chron. 20:3-13
Prayer of Penitence ...II Chron. 33:13

Prayer of Thanksgiving ..Ezra 7:27, 28
Prayer and Fasting ...Ezra 8:21-23
Prayer and Confession ...Ezra 9:5-10:4

Prayer Born of Distress ..Neh. 1:4-11
Prayer in a Tight Corner ...Neh. 2:4
Prayer for Deliverance from Reproach ..Neh. 4:1-6
Prayer Triumphing Over Anger ..Neh. 4:7-9
Prayer and Restitution ..Neh. 5
Prayer against Craft ...Neh. 6:9-14
Prayer and the Word ..Neh. 8:1-13
Prayer and God’s Goodness ..Neh. 9
Prayer for Remembrance ...Neh. 13:14, 22, 29, 31

The Watchful Care of God

Prayer of Resignation ...Job 1:20-22
Prayer for Pity ..Job 6:8, 9; 7:17-21
Prayer for Justification ..Job 9
Prayer, Job’s Against Injustice ...Job 10
Prayer for Light on Immortality ..Job 14:13-22
Prayer and Profit ..Job 21:14-34
Prayer and Reason ..Job 23
Prayer Answered by Whirlwind ...Job 38
Prayer As Confession ...Job 40:3-5; 42:1-6
Prayer As Intercession ..Job 42:7-10

The Psalm
Prayer Born of Rebellion ..Psalm 3
Prayer of Holiness ..Psalm 4
Prayer As a Morning Watch ..Psalm 5
Prayer for Divine Action ....Psalm 7
Prayer of Praise for Divine Action ..Psalm 8
Prayer for Preservation Here and Hereafter..Psalm 16
Prayer of the Cross ...Psalm 22
Prayer for Shepherd Care ....Psalm 23
Prayer for the Manifestation of Divine Glory ...Psalm 24
Prayer as Ascent to God ...Psalm 25
Prayer of a Believing Heart ..Psalm 27
Prayer As a Cameo of Christ ..Psalm 31
Prayer of a Tragic Soul ...Psalm 32
Prayer for Protection against Enemies ..Psalm 35
Prayer in Praise of Loving-kindness ...Psalm 36
Prayer of a Pilgrim ..Psalm 39
Prayer and Its Accomplishment ..Psalm 40
Prayer in Deep Distress ..Psalm 41
Prayer As a Door of Hope ..Psalm 42, 43
Prayer for Divine Assistance ..Psalm 44
Prayer for a Refuge..Psalm 46
Prayer of a Broken Heart ...Psalm 51
Prayer at All Times ..Psalm 55
Prayer of Distress ..Psalm 57
Prayer of Trust ...Psalm 71
Prayer for God Himself ..Psalm 73
Prayer of a Pilgrim ...Psalm 90, 91
Prayer As Praise for God’s Greatness ..Psalm 96
Prayer for Escape from Trials ...Psalm 102, 103, 105
Prayer of Remembrance ..Psalm 106
Prayer for Those in Perils on Sea ...Psalm 107
Prayer and Affinity to Scripture ..Psalm 19, 119
Prayer for Searching of Heart ..Psalm 139

Prayers as the Channel of Wisdom

Prayer and Fatalism

Song of Solomon
Prayer’s Secret

Prayer God Does Not Hear ...Isa. 1:15; 16:12
Prayer and Cleansing ..Isa. 6
Prayer for a Sign ...Isa. 7:11
Prayer of Exaltation ....Isa. 12
Prayer of Praise for Triumphs ...Isa. 25
Prayer for Peace ...Isa. 26
Prayer and Confidence ....Isa. 41
Prayer and Practice ...Isa. 55
Prayer Unpopular to Many ..Isa. 59
Prayer — Watcher...Isa. 62
Prayer for Display of Divine Power...Isa. 63, 64

Prayer As Confession of Inability ..Jer. 1
Prayer As Mourning for Backsliding ...Jer. 2, 3
Prayer As Complaint ...Jer. 4:10-31
Prayer of Lament over Rebellion ..Jer. 5
Prayer from a Prison ..Jer. 6
Prayer Forbidden ..Jer. 7:16
Prayer for Justice ...Jer. 10:23-25
Prayer of Perplexity ...Jer. 12:1-4
Prayer for Relief from Sin and Drought ...Jer. 14:7-22
Prayer for Divine Vengeance ...Jer. 15:15-21
Prayer for Confusion of Enemies ..Jer. 16:19-21, 17:13-18
Prayer for Overthrow of Evil Counsel ...Jer. 18:18-23
Prayer of a Despairing Heart ..Jer. 20:7-13
Prayer of Gratitude for Divine Goodness ...Jer. 32:16-25
Prayer for a Believing Remnant ...Jer. 42

Prayer of Pain ...Lam. 1:20-22
Prayer for Pity ....Lam. 2:19-22
Prayer As Complaint ..Lam. 3.147
Prayer for the Oppressed ...Lam. 5

Prayer as Protest ...Ezek. 4:14
Prayer for Preservation of Residue ...Ezek. 9:8-11
Prayer Sanctuary ...Ezek. 11:13-16

Prayer for Interpretation ..Dan. 2:17, 18
Prayer in Defiance of Decree ...Dan. 6:10-15
Prayer of Confession ....Dan. 9
Prayer and Its Spiritual Results ..Dan. 10
Prayer for Light on One’s End ..Dan. 12:8-13

Prayer —Its Many Sidelights

Prayer in Emergency ...Joel 1:19, 20
Prayer and Weeping ..Joel 2:17

Prayer for Respite and Forgiveness...Amos 7:1-9

Prayer Absent in This Brief Book

Prayer of Heathen Sailors..Jonah 1:14-16
Prayer Out of Hell .. Jonah 2
Prayer of a Repentant City .. Jonah 3
Prayer of a Displeased Prophet .. Jonah 4

Prayer Is Looking and Waiting

Prayer Finds No Place in This Book of Judgment

Prayer of Complaint and Vindication ..Hab. 1:1-4, 12-17
Prayer of Faith ...Hab. 3

Prayers Absent But Implied

Prayer Assumed, Not Mentioned

Prayer Aspects

Prayer Protest One ...Mal. 1:2
Prayer Protest Two ....Mal. 1:6
Prayer Protest Three..Mal. 1:7, 13
Prayer Protest Four....Mal. 2:17
Prayer Protest Five ...Mal. 3:17
Prayer Protest Six ...Mal. 3:8


Prayer As Practiced by Christ Prayer at His
Baptism .. Luke 3: 21-22
Prayer after a crowded day .. Luke 4:42; Mark 1:35
Prayer as an escape from popularity ..Luke 5:15-16
Prayer after a trying day ... Mark 6:30-31
Prayer with His own ... Luke 9:18-31
Prayer on the mount .. Luke 9:29
Prayer after success ...Luke 10:21
Prayer as a habit ... Luke 11:1
Prayer at a grave ... John 11:41-42
Prayer on a mountain ... Mark 6:46
Prayer of anguish ... John 12:27-28
Prayer for a backsliding disciple .. Luke 22:31-32
Prayer of the Great High Priest ..John Ch. 17
Prayer in Gethsemane ... Lu 22:39-46; Matt 26:36-46: Jo 18:1
Prayer from the cross ... Luke 23:34-46

Prayer and the Necessity of Forgiveness ..Matt. 5:22-26; 6:12, 14, 15
Prayer and Hypocrisy ...Matt. 6:5-7; Luke 11:1-4
Prayer As Taught by Christ..Matt. 6:8-13
Prayer As Specified by Christ ..Matt. 7:7-11
Prayer of a Leper ...Matt. 8:1-4
Prayer of the Centurion ..Matt. 8:5-13
Prayer in Peril ..Matt. 8:23-27
Prayer of Maniacs ...Matt. 8:28-34
Prayer of Jairus ..Matt. 9:18, 19
Prayer of the Diseased Woman ...Matt. 9:20-22
Prayer of Two Blind Men ..Matt. 9:27-31
Prayer for Laborers. ..Matt. 9:37-39
Prayer of Christ’s Gratitude to God ..Matt. 11:25-27
Prayer on a Mountain ...Matt. 14:23
Prayer of Peter in Distress ...Matt. 14:28-30
Prayer of Syro-Phoenician Woman ..Matt. 15:21-28
Prayer for a Lunatic Son ..Matt. 17:14-21
Prayer in Unity ....Matt. 18:19, 20
Prayer in a Parable ...Matt. 18:23-35
Prayer for a Privileged Position ...Matt. 20:20-28
Prayer for Healing of Blindness ..Matt. 20:29-34
Prayer of Faith ...Matt. 21:18-22
Prayer of Pretense ...Matt. 23: 14, 25
Prayer of Accountability ..Matt. 25:20, 22, 24
Prayer of a Resigned Will ..Matt. 26:26, 36-46
Prayer at Calvary ..Matt. 27:46, 50

Prayer of a Demon ..Mark 1:23-28, 32-34
Prayer — Habits of Christ ...Mark 1:35; 6:41, 46
Prayer for the Deaf and Dumb ..Mark 7:31-37
Prayer and Fasting ...Mark 2:18; 9:29
Prayer of the Young Ruler..Mark 10:17-22

Prayer of Zacharias ....Luke 1:8, 13; 67-80
Prayer As a Magnificat..Luke 1:46-55
Prayer As Adoration ...Luke 2:10-20; 25-38
Prayer at the Portal of Service ...Luke 3:21, 22
Prayer As Escape from Popularity ...Luke 5:16
Prayer and the Twelve ..Luke 6:12, 13, 20, 28
Prayer and Transfiguration ..Luke 9:28, 29
Prayer in Parable Form ..Luke 11:5-13
Prayer of the Prodigal ...Luke 15:11-24, 29, 30
Prayer out of Hell ..Luke 16:22-31
Prayer of Ten Lepers ...Luke 17:12-19
Prayer in Parable Form ...Luke 18:1-8
Prayer of Pharisee and Publican ..Luke 18:9-14
Prayer for Peter’s Preservation ....Luke 22:31, 32
Prayer of Agony ..Luke 22:39-46
Prayer and the Risen Lord ...Luke 24:30, 50-53

Prayer for the Spirit...John 4:9, 15, 19, 28; 7:37-39; 14:16
Prayer of a Nobleman ...John 4:46-54
Prayer for the Bread of Life ...John 6:34
Prayer for Confirmation ..John 11:40-42
Prayer with a Double Aspect ...John 12:27, 28
Prayer As a Privilege ...John 14:13-15; 15:16; 16:23-26
Prayer of All Prayers ...John 17.226

Prayer in the Upper Chamber ...Acts 1:13, 14
Prayer for a Successor....Acts 1:15-26
Prayer and Worship ..Acts 2:42-47
Prayer As an Observance ...Acts 3:1
Prayer for Boldness of Witness ..Acts 4:23-31
Prayer and the Ministry of the Word ...Acts 6:4-7
Prayer of the First Martyr ..Acts 7:55-60
Prayer for Samaritans and a Sorcerer ..Acts 8:9-25
Prayer of a Convert ...Acts 9:5, 6, 11
Prayer for Dorcas....Acts 9:36-43
Prayer of Cornelius ...Acts 10:2-4,9, 31
Prayer for Peter in Prison ...Acts 12:5, 12-17
Prayer of Ordination ...Acts 13:2, 3, 43
Prayer with Fasting...Acts 13:2, 3; 14:15, 23, 26
Prayer at the Riverside ...Acts 16:13, 16
Prayer in a Dungeon ...Acts 16:25, 34
Prayer of Committal ...Acts 20:36
Prayer in a Shipwreck ...Acts 27:33, 35
Prayer for the Fever-Stricken ...Acts 28:8, 15, 28

Prayer for a Prosperous Journey ...Rom. 1:8-15
Prayer Inspired by the Spirit ..Rom. 8:15, 23, 26, 27
Prayer for Israel’s Sake ..Rom. 10:1; 11:26
Prayer As a Continuing Ministry ..Rom. 12:12
Prayer for Like-Mindedness ..Rom. 15:5,6, 30-33
Prayer for Satan’s Conquest ...Rom. 16:20, 24-27

I Corinthians
Several Facets of Prayer Mentioned

II Corinthians
Prayer as a Benediction ...II Cor. 1:2-4
Prayer for Removal of Thorn...II Cor. 12:7-10

Prayer-facets, But No Prayers

Prayer and the Believer’s Position ....Eph. 1:1-11
Prayer for Perception and Power ....Eph. 1:15-20
Prayer As Access to God ...Eph. 2:18; 3:12
Prayer for Inner Fullness ....Eph. 3:13-21
Prayer and Inner Melody ..Eph. 5:19, 20
Prayer As a Warrior’s Reserve ..Eph. 6:18, 19

Prayer As a Request for Joy ...Phil. 1:2-7
Prayer and Peace of Mind ...Phil. 4:6, 7, 19-23

Prayer As Praise for Loyalty ...Col. 1:1-8
Prayer for a Seven-fold Blessing ..Col. 1:9-14
Prayer Fellowship ...Col. 4:2-4, 12, 17

I Thessalonians
Prayer of Remembrance ...I Thess. 1:1-3
Prayer for a Return Visit ...I Thess. 3:9-13
Prayer, Praise and Perfection ..I Thess. 5:17, 18, 23, 24, 28

II Thessalonians
Prayer for Worthiness of Calling ...II Thess. 1:3, 11, 12
Prayer for Comfort and Stability...II Thess. 2:13, 16, 17
Prayer for the Word and Protection ....II Thess. 3:1-5. .257

I Timothy
A Few Pertinent References to Prayer

II Timothy
Prayer for Timothy’s Ministry ..II Tim. 1:2-7
Prayer for the House of Onesiphorus ....II Tim. 1:6-18
Prayer for False Friends ....II Tim. 4:14-18

Prayer less, Apart from Salutation at Benediction

GlimPsalmes of the Range of Prayer’s Effectiveness

Prayer As Praise for Creation ..Heb. 1:10-12
Prayer for Mercy and Favor..Heb. 4:16
Prayer and Ministry of Christ ....Heb. 5:7, 8; 7:24, 25
Prayer for the Outworking of God’s Will ....Heb. 12:9, 12, 15
Prayer for Perfectness ..Heb. 13:20, 21

Prayer for Wisdom ...Jas. 1:5-8, 17
Prayer That Misses the Target ..Jas. 4:2, 3
Prayer That Prevails ...Jas. 5:13-18

I Peter
Prayer of Gratitude for Inheritance ....I Pet. 1:3, 4
Prayer in the Married State ..I Pet. 3:7-12
Prayer-Watch ...I Pet. 4:7
Prayer for Christian Stability ...I Pet. 5:10, 11

II Peter
Prayer for Multiplication of Grace and Peace ...II Peter 1:2

I John
Prayer Is Everywhere Implied

II John
Prayer Not Mentioned ...Apart from Verse 3

III John
Prayer the Background of Reputation ..III John 1-4,12

Prayer in the Spirit...Jude 20

Prayer As Praise to the Lamb for Redemption ...Rev. 5:9
Prayer As Golden Incense ....Rev. 5:8, 8:3
Prayer of the Martyred Host ...Rev. 6:10
Prayer of the Gentile Host ...Rev. 7:9-12
Prayer of the Elders ....Rev. 11:15-19
Prayer of Moses ....Rev. 15:3, 4
Prayer of the Glorified Saints ...Rev. 19:1-10
Prayers Ending the Bible ..Rev. 22:17, 20

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