Necessity of Prayer

E. m. Bounds

The Necessity of Prayer


When we pray we speak to God.

But when we read,

God speaks to us.

The Necessity of Prayer
By E. M. Bounds

E.M Bounds - The Necessity of PrayerIn The Necessity of Prayer, Edward Bounds, a 20th-century pastor, and lawyer suggests that prayer is an essential part of the Christian believer's life. He writes, "the Christian soldier if he fights to win, must pray much." Bounds' book, however, is not simply a list of prayers for one to work through, but also a discourse on the very nature of prayer. He connects the nature of prayer to other features of the Christian life, such as faith, reverence, patience, hope, character, conduct, and faithfulness. Bounds' passion for prayer--which compelled him to write nine books on the topic--shines through in this work, and cannot but help motivate those who read it to also see the necessity of prayer. Perfect for individual study, Bounds' book is sure to change the way one prays. 

The Necessity of Prayer by E. M. Bounds
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