Prayer & Praying Men

E. m. Bounds

prayer and Praying Men

A person prayingTo be a mature Christian is to be a prayerful Christian.
In this classic work on prayer, E. M. Bounds writes powerfully and
persuasively how the greatest men in Scripture were men of prayer.
Learn compelling lessons from the greatest men of the Bible
and discover how you can please God
and mature as a Christian by being a man of prayer.

Prayer and Praying Men
By E. M. Bounds

Prayer and Praying Men by E.M. BoundsPrayer and Praying Men has a unique approach as a book on prayer. Many books on prayer focus mostly on simply features of prayer. Edward Bounds takes a different approach in Prayer and Praying Men by focusing on persons of prayer.

Bounds examines the lives of nine different biblical figures: Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Hezekiah, Ezra, Nehemiah, Samuel, Daniel, and Paul. In his examination, Bounds explores how important prayer was to the spiritual lives of these men. He provides concrete examples of the importance and nature of prayer, grounded in biblical narratives. Prayer and Praying Men is thus recommended for those who crave a book on prayer which is not abstract or airy, but direct and concrete. 

Prayer and Praying Men by E. m. Bounds
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