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100% of your donation goes to sending

Free Bibles worldwide to those that cannot afford one or are searching for Answers.

You can contribute to help further spread the Gospel message. All money donated is used to purchase and ship free Bibles around the world to those who don’t have or cannot afford one. My wife and I retired use our savings to do this ministry since 2008.


About Us - Before you contribute for helping Buy and Ship Free Bibles Worldwide.

1. We are NOT a non-profit corporation

2. We are NOT a registered charity

3. We are NOT a big organization

4. We will NOT send out tax-deductible donations or receipts. .

Before you go any further if you are not comfortable of the four points above, please it is better you not give.

I completely understand in this world we are living you do not know us and it is important that you feel comfortable where you give your money to.

We want you to know that every penny donated goes to that purpose of giving a free Bible from requests from our other web site for those hurting or searching for answers.

My wife Harriet and I that do this ministry through one of our other websites, we ship free Bibles Worldwide since 2008. This ministry has committed to a more personal touch with each individual spiritual need. We are amazed how God has moved and touched many life's in almost every part of the world. "To God Be All The Glory".

We are retired living in British Columbia, Canada and most of the money comes out of our savings, we do have a few friends that see the results and do help us as they can.

All donations are spent by Brian and Harriet Duncalfe to purchase and ship Bibles absolutely free to those in spiritual need.

Many of the people who receive Bibles through your generosity have never had the opportunity to read God’s Word for themselves. Give a gift that truly matters and change someone's life forever. 

Whatever the amount, your donation will be extremely appreciated.  Thank You and 100% of money donated goes to buying Bibles & shipping.

We are blessed by your generosity!

Again, thank you and may the Lord Bless You.
Harriet & Brian Duncalfe

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Contribute to sending free Bibles world wide

Thank You for Your Donations!

DONATE BY MAIL: send your gift to:
Bibles Free. Org
1021 Morningstar Rd,
Oliver, BC,
, V0H1T6

Phone (1) 250-498-3222

Your gift brings hope to hurting people.

Name: Brian & Harriet Duncalfe
Website Questions God. Com
Contribute Sending Bibles Worldwide for those Hurting and Searching.
  • Name: Eid
    Country: Denmark

    Dear Mr. Brian and Mrs Harriet Duncalfe,
    Thank you very much for your sending me the Bible. Thank you so much for this gift. I received it today and I am looking forward to exploring it. Thank You for your work and God Bless you!!!
    Your Sincerely,

  • Name: Lilt
    Country: South Africa

    Thank you so much for accepting my request and thank you for the work that you are doing. May God Almighty bless you financially and in every area of your lives.
    Kind Regards,

  • Name: Benjamin
    Country: Ghana

    Thank you very much. I am in the course of waiting for the arrival of my Bible. God Bless you for the wonderful work you are doing. It is my wish that He will secure a place for you in HIS Kingdom.
    Thank You.

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